Milton Bradley to Seattle; Bay the Odd Man Out … Again

Jason Bay

Makes you wonder if Jason Bay will ever sign with a team. He’s starting to look like the ugly duckling.

First, Los Angeles sees no need for him. Then, Boston offers a deal to Holliday, and
signs Mike Cameron, seemingly being content with having a 38 year-old
player with two major injuries from the past, instead of a young power slugger.

Mike Cameron

Now, Seattle decides that they’d rather have a man who can’t even count to three out
in left field every day instead of a perennial slugger.

Maybe Bay should consider lowering his price …


  1. Jonah

    Wow, that sucks the Mariners chose Bradley over Bay. I just hope he didn’t hedge his bet on going to Seattle and discount Boston altogether. I wonder if he’d go to St. Louis if Holliday doesn’t end up re-signing there. And would Holliday go to Boston? I know it isn’t Oakland – but I’m not sure if he was ever comfortable in the AL.


  2. sox4life13

    Good points. I feel as if Holliday wouldn’t mind playing for Boston – He’s said before he’d like to play for the Red Sox. But Epstein I don’t think will offer high enough. He’ll choose St. Louis over Boston, unless Epstein cracks and gives Boras what he wants.

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