Just Another Reason Why I Love Beantown

Just thought I should share this with everyone.

I was on my way to Fenway today to catch the game, and as I was walking down the
street, a car pulled up beside me. I took a quick look, noticing the New York license
plates, the Yankees bumper stickers, and the Yankees hat adorning the balding
head of the driver. As he stopped, he rolled down the window, clearly noticing my
Beckett jersey, Red Sox ballcap, and associated face paint, and asked, “Hello Miss.
You must be able to tell me how I would be able to find my way towards Fenway?”

I gave him my, “Are you serious? What Sox fan in the world doesn’t know the
general location of Fenway within Boston” look, forced a fake smile, and cordially
replied, “Of course I do!”

After giving him my directions, he drove away abruptly, without so much as a tip of
the hat or a plea of thanks. In a situation like that, I typically would have been angry.
However, I retained the last laugh. Little did he know that my directions, instead of
sending him to Fenway, sent him in the general direction of the Bennington St.
waste depository :). I figured he would be more comfortable at home than inside the
confines of the enemy.

Welcome to Boston, jerk. Next time bring a map.

PS: I apologize about my hiatus … it’s been a busy couple months what with moving
and dealing with school and all that jazz. You know, life getting in the way and all.
But now that the season’s started and there’s things worth talking about, I’ll hopefully
be around more often, at the very least giving a weekly update … but hopefully more
often. Do keep reading :).

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