About sox4life13

I was born in Toronto in a Blue Jays heavy fan base to a father who supported the New York Yankees. I guess you
could say I became a baseball fan in 1992, but as opposed to the popular idea at the time of becoming a
home-town fan of the 1992 World Series champion Blue Jays, I joined forces with the downtrodden Red Sox
Nation, and I’ve been a die-hard ever since.

Having become bored off the hostile environment that my household became as I grew up into an even more
devoted Red Sox fan, and after all the taunting that occurred from 1996-2003, I decided to move away as soon as
possible. With an 04 championship riding on my coattails, I ran away to Cambridge, where I was able to advance
my devotion to the Sox even further, without fear of exile. I also met the coolest boy in the world, who conveniently
has access to season tickets. I’m not going to lie … I’m only in it for the seats! (Just kidding, I love you) 🙂

I am currently attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Earth and Space Sciences, hopefully
graduating with years upon years of debt in 2011.

Boston Love