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Place Your Bets

Is Jason Bay healthy? As you all probably know by now, it was reported
recently that back in June, Bay had agreed upon a deal with the Red Sox, but the
deal was later nixed due to medical reasons related to his knees. Jason Bay, on the
other hand, insisted he was perfectly fine.

This leaves me to wonder – if there was something that the Red Sox doctors noticed,
why did the Mets doctors give him a clean bill of health? Maybe the 2009 Mets
season can shed some light on the situation:

Oliver Perez

Ryan Church

Jonathon Niese

Fernando Nieve

  • Carlos Delgado – Hip Soreness – Out May 11-15, Season Ending Hip
  • Jose Reyes – Right Calf Injury – Out May 14-18, May 22-25, Season
    Ending Hamstring Tear
  • Ramon Martinez – Fractured Pinkie Finger – Out June 3-Season
  • J.J. Putz – Bone Spurs in Throwing Elbow – Out June 5, Season Ending
    Elbow Surgery
  • Fernando Martinez – Knee Inflamation – Out July 4-8, Season Ending
    Knee Surgery
  • Oliver Perez – Tendinitis – June 12-July 7, August 26-31, Season Ending
    Elbow Surgery
  • Alex Cora – (Starts season with thumb injuries) – Torn Ligament in Thumb
    – Out May 18-June 3, August 15, Season Ending Surgery on both thumbs
  • Fernando Nieve – Injured Quad – Out July 19-Season
  • Johan Santana – (Elbow concern in Spring Training) – Out August 20,
    Season Ending Elbow Surgery
  • Jonathon Niese – Torn Hamstring – Out August 6-Season
  • John Maine – Shoulder Weakness – Out June 12-September 12
  • Angel Pagan – Throwing Elbow – Out Spring Training-May 9, Right Groin
    Strain – Out June 1-July 10
  • Carlos Beltran – Bone Bruise In Knee – Out June 22-September 6
  • Gary Sheffield – Sore Hamstring – Out July 18-August 1, August 6-9,
    August 25-September 15 (Pinch Hitting Occasionally)
  • Brian Schneider – Back / Calf Strain – Out April 16-May 29
  • Tim Redding – Shoulder Weakness – Out Spring Training-May 17
  • Ryan Church – Pulled Hamstring – Out May 23-June 6

That list doesn’t include injuries such as David Wright‘s injury from being hit
by a Matt Cain fastball, or minor day-to-day injuries.

Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t trust the Mets’ medical staff.

If you don’t agree with me, or feel that maybe the Mets’ doctors and management
should be given a little more credit, the precedent doesn’t look good for you. If you
recall, this same situation once happened with a player going from the Red Sox to
the Mets via free agency. Any guesses as to who I’m referring to?

Pedro Martinez

After the 2004 season, The Red Sox decided to wave goodbye to Pedro
, allowing him to sign a $53MM deal with the Mets. Why did Sox
management allow him to get away? They felt that after the 2005 season, Pedro’s
skills would start to decrease and he would fall from his alter. In 2005, Pedro went
15-8 over 31 starts with a 2.82 ERA, with an appearance at the All-Star Game. After
that, a freak injury against the Marlins in 2006. A recovery, then late in the same
season, season ending rotator cuff surgery. Flirtation with retirement in the
offseason. A surprising return in September 2007. An injury plagued, 5-6 2008. No
serious suitors as a free agent in the following offseason. A late entrance into 2009
with the Phillies, followed closely by a miserable Game 6 in the World Series. Hardly
an arm worth $53MM.

Looks to me like the Mets’ medical team consists of the kind of people that could
miss a knee injury in the making.

Just sayin’.

I’ve got my money on a Jason Bay knee injury before 2012. How about you?